Friday, July 31, 2009

I love my locs magazine!!

While stopping by a fellow blogger's page I discovered this magazine called
I Love My Locs
. Though I am already deeply in luv with locs, I truly believe I've submerged deeper. This magazine has over 100 pages of bios & pics of those who are at varying stages in their loc journey. You can download it
for immediate viewing and/or purchase it. I'm going to do both.

Thanks to new2locs for providing the information to this inspiring magazine.


  1. Thanks for highlighting that this magazine exists! I have downloaded a free copy to read later.

  2. no prob Nubian1. i felt like i would be doing a disservice if i didn't share :-D

  3. Amen PhePhi!! I had to let ya'll know!!! I love this magazine & I'm sure you are as well. I hope many more issue's follow.

    Take Care!

  4. @new2locs: i'm so ecstatic about the mag. i hope more issues follow as well!!