Friday, May 28, 2010

Updo - almost 14-month mark

Greetings Everybody.

Tuesday, I will be at the 14-month mark. And I got the "I need to do something different with my hair or Ima do something drastic like cut it all off" urge. So, as fate would have it, I went to nappy headed black girl's page &, whaddaya know, she had a vid of someone tutorializing, don't try to patent my word, a short updo.

Now, I will forewarn you by saying that my style is not exactly like the one in the vid. However, it gave me an idea & I free-styled the rest. So, check out the tute, ck out my pics, then let me know whatcha think? K?

All down...
Another view
Other side
Voila!! Frontal view

Oh, I almost forgot to mention one key component to this whole thing....I did this without being able to see the back of my head. A few weeks ago my handheld mirror just poof and disappeared. Nooobody has seen it. Kinda strange to me, but I digress. Anyhoo, I think I did an ok job to not have been able to see what the heck I was doing back there. I am going to buy another mirror in the very near future, though. But until then....


  1. Congrats on your milestone!!

  2. I am LOVIN this!!!

    What kind kind of pins did you use? 'Coz I'm totally frustrated with bobby pins. They last maybe 2 or three uses b4 that liitle ball that's supposed to protect the hair starts to come off and get caught in the hair.

  3. **senior moment** Oh shoot, I forgot to say congrats on your 14 month mark! They looking might snazzy there. lol

  4. thanks so much everybody. i got so many compliments on this hairstyle, including one from my hubby...which is quite rare considering he wishes i would remove all my locs & go back to straight hair --not gonna happen. lol.

    msfullroller, i used the open pins; the ones without the "protective ball" on the ends. those ones irk me anyway. lol. i think i used maybe 4-5 pins tops.

  5. I absolutely love this style......AND will be stealing it!!!!! Congratulations on your progress. Your locs look alive and healthy. Keep up the good work.

  6. afrolady, steal away. i definitely did...LOL. thanks!!

  7. I'm really diggin' this! So much so that I was about to ask how you did it...until I realized that it's from my blog!

    Stop trying to make me look bad...I posted that video almost 2 daggone months ago and still haven't tried it lol

    You did an awesome job, though...makes me wanna get off my heiny and finally give it a go...but don't hold your breath for that ;-)

  8. nhbg, frickin' hilarious. it was nothing short of kismet 4 me 2 visit ur site & c that post. this was the 1st tute i watched & actually followed thru. so, i thank u. AND challenge u 2 "get off ur heiny." :-)

    o & thanks!!

  9. Ooh! I`am so late! I love your updo! your locs are looking fabulous!

  10. This is such a lovely updo!!

  11. I am soo loving this updo! I just wish I could have the talent to fix it like this....I know that for most girls this is easy but not for me.

    I PROMISE MYSELF that I will work on that for 2011

  12. atelys, i feel ya. believe me, it's no easy feat for me either. i start out w/one idea n my head & it turns into something altogether different. majority of the time, i end up with a style that's completely different from my initial intentions...LOL. practice makes perfect. make sure u post pics of ur work :)