Monday, September 27, 2010

The Color of Autumn Leaves

For the past month or so I've been debating whether or not I should dye my hair back to its original color - BLACK - or take it in another direction. I chose the latter. Before last night, my hair was a light brownish color, which had become pretty darn popular. Every where I turned someone had some variation of the color. So I took another leap. I went to Sally's, a beauty supply store, and asked the clerk with the fuschia hair what she recommended for "lifting" my almost-there-color to blonde. She lead me to a package that contained blue powder (SORRY I DIDN'T WRITE DOWN THE NAME) and the solution to mix it with. I was already holding a bottle of Jazzling Ruby Red rinse, so I didn't need assistance with anything else.

I got home and started the process. I separated my hair like-so...

Then I applied the creamy, blue mixture to my already dyed ends...NO PIC to accompany. Sorry!!

Let me tell ya, I kept checking the mirror thinking I was going to witness some miraculous transformation taking place. Didn't happen. All I saw was blue paste all over my head. So after the recommended 45-50 minutes, I washed out the creamy mixture convinced that the "girl with the fuschia hair who shoulda knew what she was talking about" lead me astray. I proceeded to pout and storm away into the bathroom to gather my things and call it a wrap when BAM!!

AND, BAM....

I'm really tired of apologizing but it's fitting here. My camera phone sux. And unfortunately, it's all I have. You may not be able to tell but my hair is LIGHT!! After several failed attempts at capturing the end result, this was the best I could do....

In person, the colors are wide-ranging, from red to orange to browns to honey blonde. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! My hair resembles that of a beautiful tree in the fall...colorful autumn leaves... From now on I'll refer to it as: REDANGEY (red-orangey)  :)


  1. BAM!!!!!!

    I love it too!!!!!!!!

    Very colorful - matches your personality very nicely. Funny, I have been thinking of changing the color of mine too. I want to lift it about 2 shades from my natural color; brown-ish black. Still a little CHICKEN though.

  2. thnx afrolady. let me tell ya, these pictures do it no justice. in person, my name is BRIGHT!! i'm so loving it. i was chicken for a while but decided what the hey! go 4 it afrolady. look at the "bright" side, if u don't like it u can always dye it back. :)

  3. **oops, i meant 2 say my hair is BRIGHT, not my name! don't know what i was thinking. lmbo!!

  4. So cute! I love the colors! :-)

  5. thnx soooo very much B & Goldilocs :-P

  6. hey msfullroller. long time no see. thanks a bunch!