Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Baby's Braidlocs - 4 Months...almost

The time sure is passing by fast. We're a few hours away from December. The next thing you know it'll be 2011. December 8th will mark my baby's 4-month locaversary. I'm noticing that her braids are:
  • Getting fuzzy/frizzy
  • Shrinking and forming tight coils on the ends
  • Becoming more dense
I have to be honest. When I first noticed the "frizz" I panicked. My mind raced back to last year when I installed and quickly removed her braids within a month. So, I took a deep breath and gathered my thoughts. I told myself that this is an expected stage and in order to get to a healthy, beautiful head of locs, we must embrace the fuzz.

Kinky hair can be deceiving. You can braid your hair one day and it'll hang past your shoulder blades. A few days later, it's up near your ear. My baby's braids started out at a decent length. Now almost 4 months later, her hair has shrank and the ends of her hair are coiling...starting the loc process.

On day one, the parts in her hair were obvious. As time goes on, the parts, the braids expand and the hair becomes thicker. See the transformation for yourself....

Day 1
Month 1
Near Month 4


  1. Aww, they are going to be so beautiful on her. I started my locs with braids and I know extactly what you are talking about. My locs are 2 years and 4 months old and I love them. I hope she will feel the same about hers as she and her locs get older.

  2. thnx 4 stopping by, joyce. i, too, luv my braidlocs. so, i can only hope that she appreciates the beauty of them like we have.

  3. your daughters hair looks good.. I'm having the same thought process about locing about my lovely wildchild 2 yr old. I have one question for you,I wear freeform locs.Do braidlocs HAVE to be retightened or can they evolve into regular locs on their own?

  4. hi camden. thnx 4 stopping by. i think it would be a fabulous idea 4 u 2 loc ur baby's hair. my question to u is, do u prefer braidlocs over any other method? i ask this becz, n my opinion, ppl start braidlocs 4 many reasons, some of them r 2 have smaller locs & 2 combat unravelling. if ur thinking of freeforming, y not start w/twists? 2 answer the initial ?, i would say that braidlocs DO NOT have 2 b retightened becz eventually they will definitely evolve n2 their own. whew! sorry 4 the lengthy response. hope this helps.!!

  5. Hi PhePhi,

    My child's hair is thick and soft and thirsty, just like mine. I started locing my hair with 2 strand twists,2 inches of new growth. My locs swelled, big bushy and beautiful!! I have 63 locs. As they were beginning to bud but I gently unraveled the twisted parts ( the ends were tied with lil rubber bands) so I wouldnt have the the "twistyness" in the loc. For my little girl I like braidlocs because they will be smaller and have more versatility to wear pony tails, etc. I've 2strand twisted her hair in the past and its so soft, that some twist unravel within 24 hrs or they have sections that are irregular: puffy or thin as yarn. Her hair is that way! the braidlocs will give a uniformity which I want for the end result. I'm thinking 100-125 locs for her..

  6. Oooooo! Your baby's locs are sooooo pretty! Great job mama ^.^ by the time she hits jr. high her self-esteem will be through the roof!

  7. thnx so much miss marita. i sure do hope so. they're really moving along quite well. i'll post recent pics soon!!

  8. Her locs are beautiful. I am going to be doing my daughter's soon. She just has to finish with swimming lessons. Did you find any challenges in doing a young girl's hair and is there any advice you would like to share. I think I am going to start her locs with braidlocs instead of two strand twists. Hope to hear from you soon.