Sunday, December 12, 2010

20 months locked!!


I know I should be in the bed and up under the covers, but I deemed it urgent that I post these pics. Ok, maybe it's not all that urgent. Let's just say that I wanted to share with you all some before and after pics. December 1st marked my 20th month of lockdom. Yes, you heard me right. TWENTY MONTHS!!! WOOOOWWWW, is all I can say. I do go through periods when I want to remove every last single one of 'em because I can find at least one somewhat negative thing to say...However, I am accepting that they are not meant to be "perfect" and that I will drive myself bonkers trying to get them somewhere they'll never be.

When I did the big chop September 2008, I purposefully cut my hair into varying lengths to see if the "unevenness" would later become obvious. Well, it has. My locs look like they've been cut into layers --at least one side does anyway. Since I have not yet mastered how to strategically align captions under my pics, I will just describe them here. These pics are from BC to day1 to month 2 then month 20.


  1. Ya got some serious hangtime going there girl! Beautiful progress!

  2. thnx msfullroller (cheesing)....