Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get Your Shine On With Kesha!


Kesha Williams
1 son (will be 13 next month)
Beauty/SkinCare Industry
313-957-8247 cell
313-730-0545 home office
Smooth As Ice was founded in 2008

· In a few words, tell us about your products/services?
Most companies of this sort will have stickers that say made in China! Mine are made in my kitchen, by hand in the good old US of A and they are all natural exfoliants. You can exfoliate your entire body with these all-natural sugar or salt based body scrubs. Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin's outermost surface, leaving the skin receptive to absorb the nourishing oils and butters. This has been used for ages to help maintain the skin.

· What do you like best about Smooth As Ice?
What I like best about my business is that I have the liberty to be home for my family, and eventually this is something I can teach them to do so the product will carry on long after I am gone, the legacy so to speak. And this is a product that I used so it gives me great joy to be able to introduce it to my people at a rate they can afford!!

· What were some of the factors you considered before going into business?
When I started making the scrub it was for personal use. My sister actually sent me a recipe and it snowballed from there. I tweaked them & compared them until I found a mixture I was confident in. I took it to the neighbors for them to try...they offered to pay me to leave them the rest! That was the beginning.

· What’s next for you?
My next move is simply to nurture Smooth as Ice until it can flourish on its own and I can quit my day job, also to expand my product line from scrubs & butters to a full blown skin care line.