Monday, June 29, 2009

I removed over 500 Sisterlocks. For Real. True Story!

In June 2003 I had over 500 Sisterlocks (TM) installed. I had been natural for a little over a year before deciding to get SLs. My then consultant happened to be a relative of a former co-worker. Since she worked out of her home she didn't charge super ridiculous prices to install or for maintenance. I absolutely LOVED my locs. But with the loss of my job, maintaining them became way too expensive. So I had this bright idea to remove all of 'em & restart w/braidlocz, which, at the time, I thought I could maintain myself. NOT!! With a lot of diligence & hard work, it took approximately 2 1/2 months to remove my 2-yr-old locs - tool of choice: curtain hook.

I would like to think that the removal of said locs was not done in vain since I ended up backsliding & going back to a relaxer 6 months later. The process taught me patience &, believe it or not, to love my natural kinks. It also taught me to believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. To see more, take a gander at my Fotki Album .

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm suffering from serious hand-n-fro disease...

Since installing my braidlocz on April 1, 2009, I have taken down & redid several of my locs at least two times. I started off with a few thicker braids then decided that I wanted smaller ones. Well, as time went on & some of them began to swell I decided, again, that I wanted smaller ones. For the most part, I split only the ones toward the front of my head because the ones in the back are doing a great job getting tight & looking more like locs than braids. The ones on the top/sides are a different story. With all that said, I do not plan to do any more revamping unless necessary, i.e. thin locs, repairs, etc. So here are some before & after shots. Can you see the difference? Please say yes because otherwise I'm going to think I'm obsessive/compulsive...LOL!

4.3.09, 4.25.09
6.19.09, 6.25.09
4.25.09, 6.25.09

I'm on the grow. YIPPY!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Swelling Up & Filling Out!

While I don't have much of an update, I just wanted to acknowledge that my braidlocz are swelling & getting fuller. I don't exactly know my hair-type, but I will say that it isn't really kinky nor is it really fine. My hair falls somewhere in the middle. The back is much kinkier than the front/top. Because of this, the locs in the back will loc much sooner than the rest. The ends are really curly, which I like but cannot wait until they're locked & sealed. Anyhoo, take a look-see.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Perfect Solution. A New Journey.

What most of you don't know is that I have a 2 1/2-yr-old who is like no child I had ever been in contact with. She is much more active than my 15-yr-old was at her age. Calling her hard-headed is an understatement. In addition to she and my oldest daughter being polar opposites of one another, doing her hair is no easy feat. Thankfully the lady who babysits her while I'm at work is a beautician & doesn't mind doing her hair. However, I have to reserve large blocks of time to take down her hair, wash it, & re-do. This, sometimes, can take well over a week. Needless to say, this is quite exhausting. Now, I know many of you are probably saying well maybe she's tenderheaded so on & so forth but, NO. She isn't. She's just extremely non-compliant.

A few months back I had mentioned to my husband that I wanted to loc her hair. He replied, "He** NAW!" With that response I thought I would not mention it again. After he witnessed how difficult it is to get her to cooperate he agreed.

This past weekend I began installing small-sized braidlocz to my baby's head. Most of the process was done while she was asleep. Being her usual stubborn self she did wake up a few times to give me a hard time but, once she realized I was determined & not taking her BS this time, she gave up - reluctantly!!

Surprisingly, my oldest daughter, although she thinks the locz are cute, doesn't want the baby to have locs. Mostly because she thinks she's going to meet opposition, which she probably will. I told her that I am going to equip her with the utmost knowledge & try to instill in her the beauty of natural/kinky/loced napps & the warped, tainted views of society. If after all of my teachings she still is unhappy with her hair, then, & only then will I consider other options.

Well, here goes my baby.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nappy-Inspired Tees and Handmade Earrings

A few months ago while stalking fotki albums I came across this very talented woman named Cherie Huff aka Nappy Rutz. In addition to having one of the baddest afros I had ever seen, she was also very crafty, creative. See for yourself ...
Nappy Rutz

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I decided to try something different w/my short braidlocz. So I 2-strand-flat-twisted one side, secured w/bobby pins and left the rest down. I spritzed my hair w/a water-aloe vera juice-peppermint oil combo first though. What do you think? Should I rock it or stop it?

Monday, June 1, 2009

1st re-ti

About a week ago I did my first re-tigtening using a small-sized nappyloc tool. It took me a little over 13 hours to complete my whole head, which isn't too bad. I took many breaks in between. I was able to only take two pics because my camera phone was acting up. Let me know what you think!!