Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm suffering from serious hand-n-fro disease...

Since installing my braidlocz on April 1, 2009, I have taken down & redid several of my locs at least two times. I started off with a few thicker braids then decided that I wanted smaller ones. Well, as time went on & some of them began to swell I decided, again, that I wanted smaller ones. For the most part, I split only the ones toward the front of my head because the ones in the back are doing a great job getting tight & looking more like locs than braids. The ones on the top/sides are a different story. With all that said, I do not plan to do any more revamping unless necessary, i.e. thin locs, repairs, etc. So here are some before & after shots. Can you see the difference? Please say yes because otherwise I'm going to think I'm obsessive/compulsive...LOL!

4.3.09, 4.25.09
6.19.09, 6.25.09
4.25.09, 6.25.09

I'm on the grow. YIPPY!!!