Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The other night, I spritzed my hair with water & used a lil lock & twist gel to plait my hair. Yes, I said it --plait. I removed the braids the next day & this is the result. I apologize for the poor quality/lighting, but, hey, all I have is my cell phone to take pics with. the left the right view

What do you think? I think it makes my hair look voluminous.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Ok, so, this is a test to see if the pics I post actually post. Prior, I sent pics of my ponytails from my phone. However, it appears that the link is broken. So anyhoo, here are a coupla pics of my ponytails. Now, I will forewarn you that they aren't "cute" ponys but, ponys none the less.

I got a ponytail...

Well, ponytails. I was messing around and became excited by the fact that my hair has grown to where I can make ponytails. See....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

We've Been Doing This Thang For A Year Now...

...locing that is. I made it. I made it. And, boy, did I learn a lot about me & my hair during this year. I realized that:
  • My hair around the edges and nape are much kinkier than the rest of my hair
  • My hair bunches a whole, whole lot. I got several humps & bumps from bunching...Oh well!
  • I get antsy & want my hair to look a certain way when I should just chill & let it do its thang
  • This is my 3rd attempt at locking since removing my Sisterlocks in 2005 & the longest I've lasted without removing my locs...I was tempted a few months back & even removed a few but that doesn't count, right?
  • Everybody's hair is different. A product that works for you may or may not work for me
  • Patience is paramount!!
  • My hair grows "out" more than it does "down," which gives me a lioness look.
To celebrate my tenacity, I decided to re-color my hair. Last year sometime I colored the front of my hair. A few days ago I colored my whole head w/a brownish-orangey color.

Check out my progress from Day 1, Week 3 to Year 1. Big difference, eh?

I'm Loving 'EM!!