Friday, April 17, 2009

Ok, so, my last post didn't go so well. Since I posted from my cell, it broke up my message into chunks, as opposed to keeping it together as a whole. Fooey.
tomorrow, so I'm off to bed.

Be true to yourself,


g the impact early relationships have on a person. Overall, not horrible but definitely no Slumdog Millionaire. I give it a C.

Well, I got an early day

cision to save Matt. He ain't all that Sorry dude...but big ups to Michigan!

Finally got a chance to watch the reader. Very slow and unassuming. Amazin

ched AI twice...not THE Allen Iverson but none other than American Idol. It's getting down to tha nitty gritty. Personally don't agree with the judges de
ted to such a seemingly short week.

Not too much drama happened this week. My hubby spazzed out only once. Can't wait for him to get his scripts.


Dear Diary,

Surprisingly, the week flew by. It's as if I took a few days off work. I'm convinced it was the extreme busyness of the court which contribu

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hair's The Scoop

On 4.1.09 I converted my 2-strand twists to braids, again. No matter how many times I tell myself that I'm going to "be natural" and "go with the flow," I absolutely cannot get away from my die-hard love for locs. I tried abstaining from viewing loc albums, pictures online, music videos, everything. But doing these things didn't work. So, once again, I gave in. A few days earlier, I dyed the front of my hair using a light blonde color by Clairol. I left it in for about 30 minutes and achieved a golden-brownish color. I like it!!

To keep me on the trek I went to a nearby Family Dollar and bought a bunch of hair accessories: hair clips, pins, headbands, clamps - for those days when I feel like I wanna backslide & take down these braids that I've spent a couple hours installing. Seriously, for real this time, I am optimistic about my journey this go round. I watched a tutorial on YouTube on how to interlock. One of the main reasons why I failed in the past was because of my frustration in not being able to "grasp" that whole latch-hook, crochet needle, paperclip method. But after carefully watching I practiced on my daughter's mannequin head and GOT IT!

As it stands, I am on the journey to achieving a beautiful head full of locs...unless, of course, I change my mind again...

Just kidding!!!
Testing, testing!

Just received a message saying that I can blog from my phone. So, this is a test 2 c how it works.

Wish me luck!!!