Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Arrival

After much consideration and reading endless blogs, I decided to order a nappyloc tool. Man is it TINY. I ordered the small-sized one because of the many braidlocs in the back and around the edges that are, indeed, small. However, the size of my locs range from small to medium. To give it a test run, I re-tightened one at the nape of my neck. I was able to only do a 3-pt rotation, which is fine with me. At the crown of my head I have a few larger ones. Since I knew that the petite nappyloc tool definitely would not work for this particular loc I finger-latched it, using a 3-pt rotation here too. I plan to re-tighten over my extended holiday weekend. I will post pics l8r.

And The Kreativ Blogger Award Goes To...


First, I would like to thank God for...Ok, let me cut the crap. Seriously, I would like to thank
msfullroller for graciously passing along this award. She has shown her support by stopping by MY FOTKI page, making comments & also by supporting my blog.

The Rules to passing on this award are simple: #1 List 7 Things You Love & #2 Pass the award to 7 bloggers. See. Easy!

Can I just say that I am completely obsessed with blogs, bloggers, and blogging? Which leads me to #1 on my "7 Things I Love" list.
NOTE: list is not in rank of importance.

1. Blogs. I love sharing and gaining information.
2. My Family. Without them I definitely would not be where I am.
3. Movies. I am a huge movie buff. I used to want to be a movie critic. Hmmm! May not be too late

4. Nappy/Kinky Hair. From TWA's (teeny weeny afros) to long flowing locs, nappy/kinky hair is where it's at.
5. Pizza. Definitely a love/hate relationship! I love it, it hates me!
6. Peace & Quiet. According to several personality tests I am a loner. I prefer to work alone. I'm a thinker. I'm analytical. And I thrive when I'm able to think things through before acting.
7. Expression...comes in many forms: art, music, writing - just to name a few. Writing is my absolute love. I love the way certain songs make me feel. And even though I do not draw, I love this form of expression and have 11 tattoos to prove it.

Now for the good part. These 7 people were chosen because of their creativity, information/knowledge, good vibes, and passion.


Naturally Beautiful

Loc Rocker

Samaritian Diva


Nubian Locked Princess


Be sure to check out these talented ladies' blogs. They're chock full of useful info. Thank you ladies!!

Bro's-In-Law Locs

My Bro’s-In-Law locs were created earlier this year – silly me didn’t jot down the date. Anyhoo, he wore braids for many, many years so he had nice length to begin with. He wanted something new so I suggested locs. He is not feeling the shrinkage so much, but I told him he has to crawl before he can get to this...

On the plus side, his hair maintains exceptionally well. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve actually palmrolled. Not to mention, some of those times weren’t even necessary; He was having “frizzy” insecurity issues. The texture of his hair is to be coveted. His hair hasn’t unraveled NOT ONCE!! I can’t remember off hand what I use to palmroll his hair, but I do know that beeswax is one of the ingredients. EEEKK! I tried to warn him & tell him about the drawbacks of it…yada…yada…but he doesn’t care. He likes the way his hair smells afterwards. Check out his pics!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

I don't know about you, but I'm pumped about Season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance. I love ABDC (America's Best Dance Crew), but I also anticipate seeing the different genres of dance SYTYCD has to offer. I have been an avid fan since its inception and also have a few honorable mentions. The 1st clip is of Sara & Jesus from Season 3.

This clip is from Season 4, Courtney & Mark

This clips is of Joshua & Katee from Season 5

If you don't watch the show, I hope these clips will inspire you to become a fan!!
Thursday, May 21st 8/7 Central on Fox!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bloggers Anonymous

Ok, so, it's official. I am addicted to blogging. What started off as a vehicle to express myself & share whatever's on my mind has turned into checking to see who's following my blog, looking at their friends' blogs, following their blogs and their friends' blogs, etc...etc...What's really great about it is that I've learned soooo much & found some much needed information from perusing blogs. Technology is a wonderfully splendid creation. Just from watching YouTube tutorials I've learned how to do the interlocking method to retighten my braidlocs AND how to make my own "make-shift" tool to get the job done. A few years ago this was unheard of. One had to learn by viewing picture stills and detailed instructions. Now, I go to YouTube for almost everything. Today, alone, I've become a follower to at least three blogs. The creativity & the versatility of some of the blogs I've come across and, not to mention, the information & resources are numerous. To see what I'm talking about, check out the videos on the right-hand side of the screen, and the list of People I Think R Cool at the bottom of my blog.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm just saying...

  • The City of Detroit had a low voter turnout yesterday. Dave Bing defeated Ken Cockrel Jr. by taking 52% of the votes compared to Ken's 47%. However, only 15% of registered voters voted. I think they were just too darn busy...busy waiting in those long KFC lines for the "new" grilled chicken. Thanks Oprah! I hope the turnout is much better when it's time to vote for city council. All I have to say is "Go Charles Pugh," and (Just) "Go Monica Conyers!!"
  • Saw a quote on a friends Facebook status that read: 100 people get swine flu & people put on masks; one million people have HIV/AIDS and no one wants to put on a condom. Hmmmmm.... Wrap it up people. HIV/AIDS Hotline 1-800-872-AIDS.
  • Watched a foreign film called Death Note, which is about a notebook that possesses powers to kill whomever's name is written in it, with stipulations of course. For example, when writing a person's name you must visualize his/her face in order for death to be carried out. This is done, in the event, someone else happens to have the same name. 99.9% of those written in the book were criminals who either escaped the system or received a slap on the wrist. This is crazy right? What if in the midst of writing a person's name you drift off to sleep & the face shifts to that of someone else's? Now that would be a problem. As bizarre as it may sound, I actually liked the movie. See for yourself --> Death Note Movies
  • Is the politically correct H1N1 term being used so that people will continue to buy/eat pork & not think it's somehow associated with swine flu?
  • How many of you celebrated Cinco de Mayo? How many of you know its origin & true meaning of the holiday? How many of you felt better knowing you could get smashed & not be looked at oddly because it's 7am? Un huh! You know who you are... :-)
  • Got Facebook? If not, as my teenage daughter would say, "You're so lame!" Which is ironic because she said the exact same thing when I told her I signed up for one. Fricking hormonal creatures.
  • Punctuation? Where art thou? Have we gotten lazy or what? Modern technology, i.e., text messaging/instant messaging has us using acronyms & abbreviations like never before. In addition, proper punctuation has also waned. Question marks are used to end statements, periods after questions. Not to mention the overused ellipses. Those three little periods, that once meant an omission of words/phrases, are used to end a sentence (See you tomorrow...); ask a question (What's up for tonite...); fill in the blanks (I'm feeling...). When I return to school in the fall, I hope the proper grammar/punctuation I learned back in grade school kicks in...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moving Right Along

On 4.1.09 I installed, yet, another set of braidlocz. On 4.24.09, I remixed them by taking some & making them smaller. I haven't had to retighten yet but when I do, I will be using a make-shift nappy tool to assist w/the process. It appears that my left side is noticeably longer than my right. What do you think?

Not really much to update, just wanted to post a few pics. The pic on the top right is 7 months of transformation.

Let me know what'cha think.