Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm just saying...

  • The City of Detroit had a low voter turnout yesterday. Dave Bing defeated Ken Cockrel Jr. by taking 52% of the votes compared to Ken's 47%. However, only 15% of registered voters voted. I think they were just too darn busy...busy waiting in those long KFC lines for the "new" grilled chicken. Thanks Oprah! I hope the turnout is much better when it's time to vote for city council. All I have to say is "Go Charles Pugh," and (Just) "Go Monica Conyers!!"
  • Saw a quote on a friends Facebook status that read: 100 people get swine flu & people put on masks; one million people have HIV/AIDS and no one wants to put on a condom. Hmmmmm.... Wrap it up people. HIV/AIDS Hotline 1-800-872-AIDS.
  • Watched a foreign film called Death Note, which is about a notebook that possesses powers to kill whomever's name is written in it, with stipulations of course. For example, when writing a person's name you must visualize his/her face in order for death to be carried out. This is done, in the event, someone else happens to have the same name. 99.9% of those written in the book were criminals who either escaped the system or received a slap on the wrist. This is crazy right? What if in the midst of writing a person's name you drift off to sleep & the face shifts to that of someone else's? Now that would be a problem. As bizarre as it may sound, I actually liked the movie. See for yourself --> Death Note Movies
  • Is the politically correct H1N1 term being used so that people will continue to buy/eat pork & not think it's somehow associated with swine flu?
  • How many of you celebrated Cinco de Mayo? How many of you know its origin & true meaning of the holiday? How many of you felt better knowing you could get smashed & not be looked at oddly because it's 7am? Un huh! You know who you are... :-)
  • Got Facebook? If not, as my teenage daughter would say, "You're so lame!" Which is ironic because she said the exact same thing when I told her I signed up for one. Fricking hormonal creatures.
  • Punctuation? Where art thou? Have we gotten lazy or what? Modern technology, i.e., text messaging/instant messaging has us using acronyms & abbreviations like never before. In addition, proper punctuation has also waned. Question marks are used to end statements, periods after questions. Not to mention the overused ellipses. Those three little periods, that once meant an omission of words/phrases, are used to end a sentence (See you tomorrow...); ask a question (What's up for tonite...); fill in the blanks (I'm feeling...). When I return to school in the fall, I hope the proper grammar/punctuation I learned back in grade school kicks in...


  1. "Saw a quote on a friends Facebook status that read: 100 people get swine flu & people put on masks; one million people have HIV/AIDS and no one wants to put on a condom."

    I know that's right girlfriend! Ain't (yes I said ain't lol) NOBODY's stuff that d*mn good that they don't need to wrap it up Saran wrap/Tupperware tight. ***stepping down off the soapbox***

  2. did u say "tupperware tight?" LMBO!!! i just don't understand. well, i take that back, i do understand. the flesh is a mighty powerful thang; however, so is HIV/AIDS.