Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And The Kreativ Blogger Award Goes To...


First, I would like to thank God for...Ok, let me cut the crap. Seriously, I would like to thank
msfullroller for graciously passing along this award. She has shown her support by stopping by MY FOTKI page, making comments & also by supporting my blog.

The Rules to passing on this award are simple: #1 List 7 Things You Love & #2 Pass the award to 7 bloggers. See. Easy!

Can I just say that I am completely obsessed with blogs, bloggers, and blogging? Which leads me to #1 on my "7 Things I Love" list.
NOTE: list is not in rank of importance.

1. Blogs. I love sharing and gaining information.
2. My Family. Without them I definitely would not be where I am.
3. Movies. I am a huge movie buff. I used to want to be a movie critic. Hmmm! May not be too late

4. Nappy/Kinky Hair. From TWA's (teeny weeny afros) to long flowing locs, nappy/kinky hair is where it's at.
5. Pizza. Definitely a love/hate relationship! I love it, it hates me!
6. Peace & Quiet. According to several personality tests I am a loner. I prefer to work alone. I'm a thinker. I'm analytical. And I thrive when I'm able to think things through before acting.
7. Expression...comes in many forms: art, music, writing - just to name a few. Writing is my absolute love. I love the way certain songs make me feel. And even though I do not draw, I love this form of expression and have 11 tattoos to prove it.

Now for the good part. These 7 people were chosen because of their creativity, information/knowledge, good vibes, and passion.


Naturally Beautiful

Loc Rocker

Samaritian Diva


Nubian Locked Princess


Be sure to check out these talented ladies' blogs. They're chock full of useful info. Thank you ladies!!


  1. Diva PhePhi thank you so much for your following, and for this Kreativ blog award! so sweet of you to call me out!, I tried to read your soap opera blog, but it was so steamy, I had to get a fan......LoL , have a great Blessed Memorial day Weekend....Christine

  2. LOL. thanks christine. the soap opera blog is on hold. myself & two other writers were responsible for the blog. so i'm sure the "steamy" parts were not mine. hahahahahahahaha.

    u r very welcome for the Kreativ Blog Award. u deserve it!!!

  3. Whaaaat? How wonderful are you? I just happened to stroll through to your blog and saw that you gave me an award. Thank you!! And I am totally putting you on the Google Reader now. Stay beautiful, sis!

  4. sniff, sniff... thanks B. u ROCK!!

  5. Thank you Phi Phi for the award! Next time don`t forget to notify me! I have to edit my blog to give you the much earned credit!

    Now continue to do the good work that you do!

  6. @NubianLockedPrincess: yea, sorry about that. i meant to let you know but it slipped my mind...LOL.

    thanks for your words of encouragement!!