Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change is coming in 2009...and beyond!!

Let me start off by saying Happy Inauguration & Happy History Day. I was listening to the radio this morning & a gentlemen named today just that. There aren't enough words to describe how momentous this day is. Though I was not able to watch the inauguration as I would have liked, I can still feel the elation & joy all around me. President Barack Obama constantly spoke about CHANGE! There is to be no more excuses for anything. With that being said, I am making a change by taking initiative to prepare & plan so that I may have structure & be better able to manage my blog.

Last night, I decided to divide my blog into segments. Of course, this structure is subject to change without notice but, for now, it will give me a general idea on how to proceed. Here are the segments:

Mondays - Through My Lenses: This will be a weekly segment where I provide opinions, commentary, critique, humor about T.V. shows, movies, commercials, whatever is captured via my four eyes.

Tuesdays - Let's Talk About Hair Baby: This will be a weekly segment all about hair. I will provide products suggestions, hairstyle tips, articles, links, etc. Mainly, the focus will be on natural hair, but occasionally I may talk about relaxers.

Wednesdays - May I have a cheeseburger - minus the beef...and cheese, please: This segment will feature all things Vegetarian & Vegan, including recipes, links, articles.

*Thursdays - Freestyle: This segment is a freebie. I will talk about whatever my little heart desires. The name of the segment may change simply because I was unable to come up with a more clever title.

Fridays - Dear Diary: This segment will be my last entry of the week. I will reflect on random things such as work, home, life, people, etc.

*There is going to be a segment tentatively entitled "Get Your Shine On." This is going to be a monthly segment where individuals get to spotlight their talents, skills, business ideas, ventures, entrepreneurism.

Whew!! That's it! So, there you have it, the future of All About Phe!

Stay tuned!!

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