Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bro's-In-Law Locs

My Bro’s-In-Law locs were created earlier this year – silly me didn’t jot down the date. Anyhoo, he wore braids for many, many years so he had nice length to begin with. He wanted something new so I suggested locs. He is not feeling the shrinkage so much, but I told him he has to crawl before he can get to this...

On the plus side, his hair maintains exceptionally well. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve actually palmrolled. Not to mention, some of those times weren’t even necessary; He was having “frizzy” insecurity issues. The texture of his hair is to be coveted. His hair hasn’t unraveled NOT ONCE!! I can’t remember off hand what I use to palmroll his hair, but I do know that beeswax is one of the ingredients. EEEKK! I tried to warn him & tell him about the drawbacks of it…yada…yada…but he doesn’t care. He likes the way his hair smells afterwards. Check out his pics!


  1. His locs look great!

    I gotta admit that after looking at the first pic and reading "he just started his locs earlier this year" I was like if Phe don't tell us how the heck he got that kind of length in that short amount of time I'm gonna pester you FOREVA! LOL I then read the next sentence. DUH

  2. hahahahahahahahahaha. now that's funny. i kinda wondered about that before i posted the pic of the person w/the long locs. i said to myself "i hope no one thinks this is my bro-in-law"...

    thanks. they're coming along quite nicely. the grade of his hair gives me great envy...LOL

  3. I was thinking the same thing, I was like dang his hair is long to have just started this year...Then I see my husband in the next picture...LOL...I like them how they are now so far..

  4. @"anonymous": too funny! i like his hair too. they r progressing well. he's well on his way to locs... :-)